Somewhere down the lane

With a hope in my heart,
I walk that road again,
That I would find my love,
Somewhere down the lane.

Hitting the pebbles with my feet,
And watch them turn and roll in rain,
To hope I would find my love for sure,
Somewhere down that drenched lane.

The street might fill with leaves of fall,
But I would look to the spring again,
Yes, I will find my love there,
Blooming somewhere down the lane.

The sun might throw its furious flames,
But I keep walking, my sweat would drain,
And find my love in an evening stroll,
Breezing somewhere down the lane.

When snow would freeze in the boulevard,
And the skin would shiver with the chill insane,
I would seek the fire of my heart,
Burning somewhere down the lane.

 I keep moving there till lost, 
And stroll down the road in vain,
To think she’ll hold my hand,
Guiding me back up the lane.

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