Today when I peep back into the past and look for what made me stand to this day as an engineer, I am brimmed with nostalgia about the era of the triad of PCM.

Being back to school, in those geeks crammed classrooms, I remind myself striving to grasp the rudiments of this fundamental triology. And I remind of all those subtle intricacies, lurked in those hefty textbooks, that tended to cramp every nerve out in my head. I remind of how I used to give up and fall back to those inquisitive pranks played by the less common of the groups there, of which I was more commonly the part. Although I fail to recreate my reminiscences of the most sophisticated first principles of the disciplines taught in those dark classrooms, yet, with utmost modesty, I can make a feeble account of what I managed to pick up out of my limping quest for brilliance. And without further messing up I intend to puke out what PCM had made me swallow years before that makes me live my present today.

It was mathematics, the M of the three idiots, that gave me the intellect to differentiate, the necessity to integrate, the ability to deal with limits and go on with continuity. Physics, the science of the nature, taught me how waves are lent out of a vibrating body(♥) and when its frequency matches with that of another, how it leads to resonance. And Chemistry used to be my favourite as it made me learn of bonding, by exchange and sharing, not of minute miniscule charged particles, but of glances, thoughts and emotions, and everything more intricate and fundamental.



4 thoughts on “Retrospection

  1. Beautiful descriptn of the subjects… 🙂
    Atlst smone has exploited the practical benefits of differentiatn, integratn & limits .. ! 😛

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