Romance – The Venture

Falling for a girl is easy but making her fall for you is like venturing into a startup business. To start with, you keep fretting about it for months, probing on the prospects of making the first move, finding the point of initiation, fitting things into a plan that seems genuine enough to buy on the customer. And then you brood hours into making the feasibility study, giving it every thought where it might crash down, pondering over every step you would make, the prospects of where you take it to the next level, scale up and form alliances. A whole range of questions flicker through your mind, questions on your very own potential to make it through, the first response that turns up, the materialization of it and the prospects thereafter. Ask her out and well she might reject it flat or she might consider and make an excuse or she might even turn up.

You make all the research, survey the markets, analyze the needs and psychology of your stakeholders, prepare a plan to impress the customers and still you never make sure you would even make it on the first step of the ladder. You plan to check out on the customer’s areas of interests, you talk about it to them, you pretend to be their caretakers and you pave and strive to be the best deal for them. Try and sell your heart out to her and you would realize what it takes to be a ‘3k bucks worth’ a sales guy – forget the whole notion of entrepreneurship. 

The first response matters, it could close down right there making the castles in air fall to the grounds of reality, shattered to pieces or it could show up signs, of growth, of a potential for investment, of being the seed to getting high in the real market. For the latter, all you would need is the right set of investments, the light, the rain, the chemicals and most importantly the care to nurture. She knows you care for her, but who cares for that?

The first date comes through. Well you’re out in the market but it’s not a big deal yet. What next? Spend more hours of brooding around for the next thing, seek all the free advice, chart out a plan once you find one, and keep hitting the ‘Go’ button in a cycle of iterative development model. After a span of time you start feeling monotonous working around on the same stuff, nothing moving ahead. Nothing goes wrong that throws you out of the park but you fail to fuel the spark that turns on the ignition and puts you in motion. Very soon you find your pockets loosen up, your funds running out, investment attractions fading away and you turn on to stand exemplary of the phrase ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’. And then nightmarish terms like ‘bankruptcy’ haunt you with the fear of closing down. Dating’s no more fun when you get stagnant in those alleys of ‘just friends’ crap, you get eaten up on your finances and you find yourself clueless and helpless of the choked neural hoses of her mind.

The strife continues, you tend to cope up or rather satisfy yourself with the hapless business you make and soon you realize yourself to be part of a race. Well business is always prone to competition and it makes insomnia brim into your eyes gazing at your counterparts, streaming in to cut on your profits and snatch it altogether from you. You have to stay, survive, dominate and outrun the foreign beasts tending to gorge into the flesh of your beloved entity, your enterprise as you claim her to be.

It’s a damn fucking hard thing to let her know how you feel about her. Put your heart out to her and yell it loud enough and you might make a beginning. You live less and die hard to sustain and still you might find yourself like a fish out of water, and that’s where the real business begins.


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