The Common Man

The Common ManThere is a time when you are born, being unaware and unbothered of the manifestations life has to offer.

And then you grow up and come across the different delicacies of this mundane world. You tend to learn and imbibe the prestigious and inherited learning and creativity of thousands of years that man has strove to unveil,and of course this everlasting nature has bestowed. In this quest you realize the individual in you, that has evolved out of a mere embryo, with his own aspirations, own values, own pursuit, passions, emotions and dreams. This quest makes you learn, endeavour and strive, where you put back your emotions, cravings and comforts. All you envisage is the ultimate desire that you yearn to fulfill. You tend to forget about friends, family, luxury, ecstasy, beauty and you tend to forget about the existence of God.

And as you tend to perpetuate in this process you are engulfed by the tardiness of your efforts, the fear of failure, the inertia of your comfort zones and the inability to put up with dear ones, but forsaking every bit of it you tend to fight to win over and materialize what you see every night in your dreams.

As this goes on there comes a time when weariness tends to take toll of you and you feel like taking a break, giving yourself a brief spell in time to put aside your ambitions and consider the plea of the hitherto unheeded section of your heart. Within this short spell you hurry up to seek all the comforts, forgo all the efforts,be lazy, travel, sleep,munch, make friends, love and enjoy. And then you come across to realize the other end of life, the beautiful and interesting face it had veiled so far and it impresses you and makes you realise the purpose of life.

And its when you forsake your previous ways of where you saw your destiny. Thats when you feel that whatever your intent be to be in life it has to approach a level of contentment and you feel content in being what you are and how you propagate in your life. No more you visualise the purpose of your life to be what you desired.

And thats when you sway away from your dreams and turn on to become a COMMON man.

The thing to realize is that we always think that we are born a common man and a very few of us actually end up realizing their dreams but the fact is actually each one of us is born special and very few of us actualy materialize this unique gift of nature and most of us end up being a COMMON MAN.


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